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A Dubious Legacy PDF Epub A Dubious Legacy Author Mary Wesley Viagraonl1ne.us On The Threshold Of Their New Life Together, Margaret Gave Henry A Black Eye And Went Straight To Bed Where She Or Less Remained For The Rest Of Her Life Two Young Couples Become Regular, If Uneasy, Houseguests Over The Years, Listening And Speculating Until Finally, Piecing Together The Rumours And The Mystery, They Find Themselves Tangled In The Web Of Henry S Life.

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    A really strange book great gaps in the plot, a lot of false leads and characters that drifted in and out Scenes that did not resonate with the structure is there one of the narrative I ve never been a fan of Mary Wesley and I m afraid I never will be at this rate A very poor book indeed.

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    Mary Wesley is another of those subtle and perverse British writers who find the drama and dysfunction in small middle class communities Her characters are passionate and often thwarted, but it all plays out in an elegant and understated manner.

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    Henry brought his new bride Margaret to Cotteshaw in 1944 On the threshold, she blackened his eye and went straight to bed, where she remained for the rest of her life except for time out for nasty deeds to Henry, the dogs, the parakeet and guests who remained for longer...

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    Loved it

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    Did not get the point of this book at all.

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    This book is not a nice book, not a good book, and not an important book I even kept getting the names of the characters missed up It is about two best friends who get married about the same time and who count among ...

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    to be honest i did not really know what to make of this book guess i could not really see the point of it henry brings his new bride to cotteshaw in 1944 and she immediately retired to her bed and stayed there 2 young couples encounter her 10 years later and become regular but uneasy house guests over the years and between the vario

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    Again, I can t decide what I think of Mary Wesley A cunning plot, interesting characterisations, although the two younger women fit into a rather stereotypical mould of young women of the twenties, young and silly, playing at life, not caring greatly if they make stupid marriage choices because it doesn t really matter when it comes

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    Typical Mary Wesley acerbic, sparse, pacey storyline This one centred around a troublesome wife Margaret, who lives most her life in bed her long suffering husband Henry, who has a web of secrets and a growing number of secrets as the book unfolds, and a group of friends and neighbours who are regular house guests at his country estat

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