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About the Author: Nicholas Phillipson

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    A really good read, this is well written, deeply informed, and often surprising intellectual biography of the world s first great free marketer Phillipson argues Smith can best be understood as part of a team with his close friend David Hume that sought to create not a science of economics, but a science of man that sought to understand how man thought, spoke, understood his surroundings and sought

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    After just re reading How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness and before diving into Smith s The Theory of Moral Sentiments, this was a very helpful intellectual biography of Smith Thanks to Amy W for the recommendation After just re reading How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness and before diving into Smith s

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    Clearly this was written with a specialist in mind, consciously or unconsciously There are a lot of things that Phillipson seems to assume you know which I don t think a regular educated non philosophy major reader would know Some examples He mentionsthan once that Smith was influenced philosophically by Euclidean geometry Now, even though he states it influenced his method rather than his content, it st

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    Although I must admit that I lack just too much knowledge about Adam s Smith life, and his other mayor work, The Theory of Moral Sentiments, I did get the impression of understanding a little bitabout Adam Smith s life and ideas I cannot deny that this book had a lot of research, but, at times, it seems that it may had not been enough However, I cannot deny what was said several times during the book, Adam

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    Though his name looms large as the founder of modern economic theory, Adam Smith himself is in many ways a mysterious and unknowable figure Faced with the challenge of writing a biography of a man who left only a little correspondence and only two books, Nicholas Phillipson provides a broader portrait of Adam Smith s intellectual world In doing so, he sites Smith firmly within the context of the Scottish Enlig

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    I have to say that not only is this one of the better biographies that I have read and one of the few books that I couldn t put down It is well written and obviously well researched Though the biography itself is only 284 pages long if you ignore the notes and sources, bibliography and index I was left with the impression that I knew everything there was to know about him Not only is the subject s life covered bu

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    A masterful and extensively researched book which acts as a great introduction to literature of the enlightenment Some have accused the book of being overtly esoteric and thus, inaccesible to those who are not schooled in the Age of Enlightenment or general 18th century philosophy For my part, I would propound that it is, rather than esoteric, intelligently written and, if anything, likely to inspire any reader to f

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    This was a fine, contextualizing biography I agree with the author that Adam Smith s life and works cannot be understood except in the milieu of the Scottish Enlightenment and Epictetian stoical philosophy Adam Smith was not promoting the intrinsic value of selfish competition, but was instead writing a prescription for enlightened rulers to mold the forces of capitalism to the greatest benefit of the largest proportio

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    ADAM SMITH is not exactly a biographer s dream An intensely private man, he seemed to go out of his way to leave no trail for future chroniclers His correspondence is dry and workmanlike, with few personal details or revealing moments He made sure his private notes and unpublished works in progress were burned before his death Having lived unmarried with his mother for most of his life, he left behind very few intimates w

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    There is not much surviving data on Smith s personal life, particularly his early life, so this author decided to focus on what is known about his environment in Scotland and those that did or may have taught him Smith was a philosopher and educated man who also wrote a major work that is used in economics However, there are about 200 pages that precede the Wealth of Nations section and while someone who is studying Smith wo

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