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Paris Revealed: The Secret Life of a City PARIS One Of The Most Visited Cities In The WorldBUT Do You Know Which Is The Most Romantic Spot To Say Je T Aime And The Sexiest Where To See Fantastic Art, Away From All The Crowds Why Parisian Men Feel Compelled To Pee In The Street How To Choose A Hotel Room Where You Might Actually Get A Good Night S Sleep Stephen Clarke Goes Behind The Scenes To Reveal Everything Parisians Know About Their City But Don T Want To Tell You

About the Author: Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clarke is the bestselling author of seven books of fiction and nonfiction that satirize the peculiarities of French culture In 2004, he self published A Year in the Merde, a comic novel skewering contemporary French society The novel was an instant success and has led to numerous follow ups, including Dial M for Merde 2008 , 1,000 Years of Annoying the French 2010 , and Paris Revealed 2011 After working as a journalist for a French press group for ten years, Paris based Clarke now has a regular spot on French cable TV, poking fun at French culture.

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    Everything you needed to know on how to live in Paris like a Parisian From which metro line goes where to the proper etiquette at a cafe don t order coffee and then sit a table that has been prepared for lunch and how to rent an apartment in Paris without getting screwed Lots of historical facts and anecdotes and while not as funny as his previous book, 1000

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    It is an interesting and entertaining book on Paris The author is an Englishman who has been living in Paris for years In this book he shares his experience, point of view and opinion about different fields the metro, culture, appartments, history, sex, food, romance, inhabitants in Paris etc It is useful to read it when you want to visit Paris or spend a longer t

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    Paris Revealed is a travel guide that makes you feel like an experienced ex pat is telling you all the inside info when you first move to Paris This is definitely not the usual tourist book and visitors to the city may never actually use a lot of the scoop during a typical vacation, but author Stephen Clarke offers what may prove to be the most interesting and entertain

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    I read this book just before a trip to Paris and I found it ever so much better than a typical guide book Frommer, Fodor, Steeves because it is written with affection but with tongue firmly planted in cheek The author is an Englishman with a quirky outlook who narrates a very personal series of opinions much like an old friend would over a few drinks I finished it on the airp

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    Continuing with my book a month for 2014, February saw my literary senses being tingled by Stephen Clarke s Paris Revealed After spotting the word Paris on the cover in a charity shop, I quickly snapped it up and skipped up the road to continue my love affair with the city of lights.Each chapter details a different element of Parisian life from the Metro to water before a discussio

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    This is not a tourist guide book If you don t know Paris either not born there or never been a couple of times at least , then this book is not for you you might be disappointed as the other reviews pointed out.As a native Parisian living abroad, I really enjoyed the walk in my city, remembering anecdotes and history with the added convenience that the author did the research for me the

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    I had to marvel at Clarke s genius in taking a few facts and then spinning off page after page of slightly droll blather and commonplace commentary I d say the ratio is about 1 to 10 His humorless, repeated citation to his other books in footnotes was quite tiresome So annoying And I never was sure I could trust him as a historian Okay, I admit that as a result of reading this book I ll have t

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    Amusing insight into Parisian lifestyle, culture, and geography Highly recommended to anyone travelling to Paris for the first time This is not your typical guide book with lists of hotels, restaurants, and museums rather, it is an exploration of neighbourhoods and Paris quirks that will allow you to better plan your trip and better understand things that you encounter in the city Well written and e

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    I read this book before I went to Paris this summer, and despite my miserable visit there due to a theft, I decided to re read it when I came back It is witty, sarcastic and jam packed with historical facts I would suggest it be a must read when visiting the City of Lights I m certainly going to search out his other called 1,000 Years of Annoying the French fortongue and cheek reading Great writer

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    Part travel guide, part love letter from an English ex pat and best selling author to the city he now calls his home Packed with fascinating facts, tips on how to survive the merde from the locals and cloaked in the author s now trademark and very readable For Dummies approach to the history, this book would be both an essential companion along with your preferred travel guide or for anyone who either knows or

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